Loans for everyone – no formalities!

We present a list of loans that we believe are targeted at everyone. These are payday loans and installment loans that the proverbial.

Online loans for everyone – up to 14 payday loans and installment loans!

cash money credit loans

There are quite a few such loans on the market. Few companies take the path of specialization and direct their offer to e.g. women or retirees. The very idea of ​​the payday loan includes its universality.

This loan is to be granted quickly, without complicated formalities, and granted to as many people as possible who will be able to pay it back.

A loan for everyone. What do you need to get it?

cash money credit loans

The phrase ‘loans for everyone’ or ‘loans for everyone’ can be a bit misleading because it suggests that absolutely everyone will get a loan.

Of course, this is not the case. Loan companies are entities that provide financing professionally, which means that they want to earn on their activities. To do this, they have to set certain requirements for their clients. To receive the payday loan you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have creditworthiness,
  • have a steady, documented income, even of a modest amount,
  • not be in debt
  • have an account in a Polish bank and ID card,
  • agree to the inquiry in credit and business information databases,
  • honestly pay your financial obligations.

If you meet these conditions and verify your identity, you should get a loan without being denied. There are even special loans for those in debt, but we would not qualify them as loans for everyone – it is a product dedicated to a specific group of clients, which is subject to specific requirements.

What databases do companies check and why do they do it?

What databases do companies check and why do they do it?

Lenders check so-called debtors’ bases to make sure they are dealing with honest clients. For this reason, one unpaid payday payout may limit our chances of getting another portion of the financing. The most popular economic and credit information databases that are checked are BIK, BIG, KRD, and ERIF. It is worth knowing which companies do not check particular databases.

This is not only important for people who for some reason have an active debt in the Credit Information Base and want to apply for a loan despite this. Not everyone wants information about the payday payday payday to appear in BIK because, for example, it is soon going to apply for a credit card and wants to receive the maximum limit on it. So we can say that payday loans without bases are a product for people who want to remain discreet.

How to prepare for taking an online loan?

How to prepare for taking an online loan?

Everyone who wants to get a loan through the network should be aware that their identity will be verified by e.g. a verification transfer. It is necessary because otherwise, everyone could pretend to be any person and extort a loan from someone else’s data.

To take a loan online, you need an ID card. When completing the application, provide information such as the number and series of the ID, and the expiry date of the document. For lenders, this is still not enough to confirm that we are who we claim to be. You can finally lose your ID card or it can be stolen. For this reason, the so-called two-step verification has been introduced. Most online loan companies use them successfully.

To carry it out, you must have a bank account. After receiving a small amount transfer (usually USD 0.01), the lender is able to see who sent the transfer and thus find out whether the loan will affect the account of the actual applicant. The second way to verify my account is automatic systems. They are ‘smarter’ than penny verification and check if the account belongs to the person whose name appears on the application. Thanks to this, the verification process is faster.

As we are looking for a ‘loan for everyone’, we will usually not need income documents. Some of the lenders we present sporadically require them – for example, when we want to get a loan for a high amount. In principle, however, we do not need to take a picture of your contract or make an account statement, as is the case with cash loans.

The next items almost always required are your cell phone and email address. They are necessary to register on the lender’s website and provide additional proof of identity.

What to prepare before completing the loan application?

There are also so-called unverified loans, i.e. loans with alternative ways to verify your identity. The identity can then be checked, among others by courier and by phone. In any case, you must have an ID card. To sum up, before applying for additional cash, prepare:

  • Current Polish identity card.
  • Login details for a personal bank account.
  • Mobile number.
  • E-mail address.